Our Hiring Process

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Our Hiring Process

We take our tagline, “Recruiting is personal”, very seriously. It drives our business, as we hire people, not resumes. We match up goals and personalities, not companies and working drones.


At Global Professional Consultants, we employ people who will help you grow. We take great care in selecting future candidates, while also not discriminating based on race, religion, gender, nationality or non-job related handicaps and disabilities. We are selective, but smart and inclusive within limits. All of the employment and job related policies of the company are governed by our commitment to equal opportunity for everyone.

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Our Hiring Process.
Personal attention.
You will have the undivided attention of an experienced recruiter who is an expert in your field. We will assess your experience, goals, work preferences and interests during a one-on-one interview. We will also discuss positions or assignments that may be a good fit for you.
Better opportunities.
We match you with something you’d be passionate about, not just a job for the sake of it. We connect you with top employers in your field and showcase your skills so that you have better chances at landing the job you always dreamed of.
Honest, clear communication.
We represent positions accurately, give you constant feedback and updates, and live up to our commitments to you. We will never string you along nor make big promises that result in nothing. You can rely on us, because our policy is honesty, first and foremost.
No matter the circumstance, we’ll treat you like you deserve to be treated – with integrity, openness, politeness and kindness. We know we work with people, not just resumes.