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Who We Are

Global Professional Consultants Inc has been recognized by several Fortune companies for its exemplary services. We provide global staffing and consulting services for clients across America. We continue to grow, bringing our expertise to new industries and markets like Acute Infusion Services, Insurance/ Health plans, Information Technology, etc.

Global Professional Consultants Inc is a certified woman and minority owned business.

Our Strength
Reliability   100%
Fast turnaround   100%
360° Support  100%
Iron-clad guarantee   100%

Whether your needs are permanent, temporary, or project related, Global Professional Consultants team is ready to work for you. For many years, Global Professional Consultants has provided the New Jersey and Philadelphia region with exceptional staffing services. We carefully screen our personnel; hence, all of our recruits are the most qualified professionals to fulfil your positions.

The recruiting of new talent is just the beginning of what Global Professional Consultants provide. In a world with constant change and development, we take the responsibility of making sure that your business is in touch with the latest trends and that your staff are of the right calibre.

For employers and candidates alike Global Professional Consultants is a Badge of Quality.

TALENTS we provide.

  • Retail and Mail Order Pharmacies.
  • Hospitals/ Healthcare Systems.
  • Information Technology.
  • Long Term Care.
  • Acute Infusion Services.
  • Pharmaceutical Manufactures.
  • Insurance/ Health plans.

ADVANTAGES over others.

Specialised divisions and subsidiaries.
We understand that each market and industry is different, and thus by operating in it you have specific needs that should be addressed. Recruiters in each of our industry-specific divisions specialise in their particular industry and know how and where to find the best people in that field.
Quick response time.
We work in a timely manner to satisfy the needs of all of our candidates and employers. We understand that speed is the essence in finding the perfect component for a team, so we are always swift and ready to serve.
Carefully screened candidates.
We use comprehensive and inclusive recruiting, screening and engagement methods to ensure that our whole process gives you the most qualified candidates with the skills to fit the positions you have opened.